Small Purchase, Huge Impacts

Shopping Small is ultimately supporting your community! Shopping Small has huge impacts on the business owner, on the local economy, and your customer experience. When you shop small you are directly supporting someone’s dream. Benefit the Local Economy According to Intuit, “For every $100 spent at small businesses, $48 is put back into the local economy.” Not only are you keeping the money in the local economy, you are supporting local jobs and contributing to the creation of local jobs. Local business members are most likely to give back to the community.

Quality Products or Services

Small business owners put their everything into a product, good, or service, because they want the customer to return. This leaves you with a quality product and a great experience!

Easier Experience

Prior to the Internet, local shopping was the only way to go. We had more mom and pop shops and a strong sense of community. Now, with large corporations taking advantage of fast shipping and quick deals they have stolen consumers from small businesses forcing many to go out of business.However, many local businesses have stepped up for the challenge by increasing their internet presence, and by bulking up their online storefronts. If you still are finding it hard to discover local businesses, American Express has an Interactive Map where you can find small businesses in your area! The Community can also use our Website Member Directory for a quick search feature of our local business members. When you shop small, you make a huge impact.